Ms Mac Consulting is a boutique applecentric IT support solution, your Cyber Life Support, operating in NYC and the Tri-State area for over 14 years.

We understand that Email, Servers and iOS syncing are only a few of the items integral to how business is done today. While equipment and software may always have errors good IT support has back-ups and redundancies that can be slid into place easily for mission critical systems, and maintenance routines, answers to questions, or settings tweaked in a timely fashion, for all the other issues computer users face. We also know it’s great when there is support person who can also speak patiently about things with you and not get a techtude while trying to “help.”

Ms Mac started in 2000 and has been supporting home users and small businesses throughout NYC in a variety of environments, meeting a plethora of needs.  From supporting small groups of macs in larger corporate PC environments to sitting in a bedroom and helping someone send mail via AOL Ms Mac has seen a lot of everything in the world of macintosh and computer repair.

The majority of Ms Mac clients are home users, running buisnesses from their livingrooms or needing a home network to remain stable.  We also offer monthly support to a few small businesses.  We get how fast things have to work here and how smoothly people need things to run.  We run our small business clients needs remotely and hands-on, depending on which is the most appropriate solution.  We offer daily monitoring of servers and terminals with gradual upgrade paths to keep systems current as well as budgeted for.  And we care for your systems the way a mom can. Our motto, Cyber Life Support, is exactly what we strive for every day -to keep your cyber life supported and to save you if a catastrophe hits.


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